We guarantee our customers full control of our processes and total compliance of all our achievements in all areas of manufacturing.


LAROCHE’s traditional core business, our expertise in high value-added machining relies on know-how and numerous modern means, the fruits of an ambitious investment policy. The leading principals in aeronautics, defence, weapons, the manufacturing industry and in research entrust us with the major aspects of their projects.

  • Prototypes, small and medium-sized runs
  • All types of hard materials (aluminium, titanium, Inconel, stainless steel)
  • 35 machining centres, 27 numerically-controlled lathes
  • 5-axis milling up to 3300 x 2200 mm
  • Horizontal turning up to Ø1500 x 3500 mm/vertical Ø2000 x 2000 mm
  • Ultra-fast milling cutting machine 3500 x 2000 mm

Mechanical machining

Automated 5-axis machining centre equipped with 24 tools

Composite machining

Composite machining up to 5500 x 3000 mm in 5 axes

Dedicated workshop equipped with 7 5-axis machining centres specifically configured for machining composite materials

  • All types of composite materials (carbon, very thick carbon, fibreglass, compounds) and cellular materials (polyurethane foam, aluminium honeycomb core or Nomex)
  • Delivery of kits ready for use directly alongside lines with delegated control

Transformation of materials

Plastics injection-moulding, extrusion blow-forming, rubber injection, duplicate moulding on various base materials

  • Plastics and rubbers (compression)
  • Structural polyurethane foams (adjusting, moulded parts with or without pre-impregnated fabric)
  • Structural bonding (metal/metal under qualified process)
Transformation de matériaux

Transformation of materials

Assembly and special processes

Crimping bushings and bearings, and sealing

Assembly and special processes

  • Assembly operations
    • Press shrinking, by force or with nitrogen
    • Crimping bearings and ball joints by deformation
    • Bonding rings
    • Riveting mechanical, plastic and/or composite parts
  • Special processes
    • Die-sinking EDM and wire cutting
    • Lapping
    • Surface grinding
    • Ultrasonic sealing on plastics
    • Mirror welding on plastics
    • Spot painting