Acquisition of a new 3D printer

Further to suggestion for continual improvement from Stéphane Desmaziers (a LAROCHE programmer in Andilly), the Manufacturing BU acquired a 3D printer at the beginning of 2019.

Laroche Groupe Imprimante 3DThis resource, in regular use since it arrived, has replaced the conventional machining resources for certain parts, in particular for the manufacture of drilling templates and models true to scale.

In both cases, producing the parts requires design (CAD), programming (CAM) and manufacturing on machining resources that are already in constant use.

Henceforth, a single design (CAD) sent to this printer will produce the desired product at a lower cost while freeing up machine capacity.

The cost of this new acquisition was written off when it was used for the first time, as there was no need to purchase the metal previously used for this purpose, or programme, prepare and machine the product.