The Aerostructure BU becomes the Services BU

Among the new names of our Group, please extend a welcome to the Services BU, which broadens our areas of expertise and our services with our customers.

New process qualifications

Laroche Groupe BU Services In order to meet the new requirements of our AIRBUS and STELIA Aerospace customers, we have qualified two new special processes, as a positive conclusion to our in-house training process:

  • AIPI06-01-004 – Mechanical preparation of surfaces: this process is required for integration of the new “Installing floor plates in the electronic luggage hold” procedure for Station 59 of FAL AIRBUS A350 Toulouse.
  • IP71-00 – Mounting fastenings: an additional process needed to integrate the modification of the “CJ” type EPP on the STELIA Meaulte production lines (fitting high-interference fastenings).

These two new qualifications, which enrich an already extensive area of expertise, reward the competence and commitment of all the front-line teams.

Through these two new examples, we demonstrate to our customers our ability to resolve on our own all the issues relating to new production, incorporating new manufacturing processes.